North Miami

The Issues


In the United States, a governor is the government official who is in charge of the entire state, but a mayor is in charge of a city (and sometimes a town). So, for example, a mayor controls the city budget, makes decisions on who to hire for the city government (including the head of that city's public schools), supervises any meetings that relate to the running of the city, and creates (and often implements) the strategies to solve the problems the city might have.

Anna Pierre has been serving South Florida as a nurse and community leader for the past 28-years. She has taken the lead in providing access to care for people who don't have health insurance - as well as promoting family values and cohesiveness in our community, through her yearly Father's Day Celebration.

"These are the reasons why I feel that the city of North Miami can use the leadership from an experienced community motivator such as myself" - Anna Pierre, .


Reward hard working students.

Create educational programs for our youth.

Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention

A safer community

Work closely with police department and other community organizations on crime prevention & intervention programs.

Health Care
Health Care

Create social programs for our seniors

Continue to provide health education & awareness events to reach those in need.

Job Creation
Job Opportunities

Push to support local businesses.

Create jobs and opportunities for small business owners.